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KnowHow EdTech 2023: AI and Online Education

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Watch the KnowHow EdTech conference 2023 – or skip to the content you are interested in by using the chapters in YouTube.


  • Welcome

  • Online education – seriously?

  • A world-leading provider of online university courses, Stuart Nicol, University of Edinburgh

  • Keeping education alive during a war, Olha Bershadska, Consultant, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

  • Online teaching – reflections after keynotes

  • Put fear aside and look AI straight in the eye

  • Created by an Artificial Intelligence? Creative coder and artist Andreas Refsgaard

  • AI in the classroom: From science fiction to curriculum. Rebekka Omslanseter, University of Agder and CAIR.

  • Panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence and education

  • Music made by AI

The KnowHow EdTech conference is organised annually by NETTOP - department for e-learning at the University of Stavanger, and is part of Nordic Edge Expo.

Our supporters are Stavanger Municipality, Time Municipality and Rogaland County.

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